How did you feel when someone you loved passed away?

Today i got back from school, then my brother's friend which was a stranger said: hey bro, Condolence. i thought my little brother lied to him to get rid of him, i wanted to make sure so i called my dad so he told me "God bless her" then i put the phone away and kept staring at the walls unbelieving what i heard, never felt like this, it was very hard to me to believe she is dead to the point that i called my mother to ask her too and make sure, when she answered crying i started crying too and believed that my grandmother passed away.

does this happen to everybody or it's just me? i mean not believing someone is dead.


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  • I have a myTake about the one and only love in my life so far, and her death. A nearly lifelong great friendship that was almost an actual relationship ever since we met...
    I'm sad, of course. I strongly grieve for her. But I was able to pass on what feels rather quickly. I guess because I was almost never able to see and get to know her a lot...

    • Thanks for mho! I just wish people would read it sometimes when I mention it. I know it's long, but it's the story about one of the very most important people I've ever had in my life for pretty much all of it...

    • You're welcome and sure i will read it


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  • Thankfully that has yet to happen. Somehow no one from my immediate family has died yet.

  • Yep, most people actually. That is part of the purpose of the funeral to allow the reality to click in.
    And sorry about your loss bro I know losing a loved family member is hard. I'm here if you need to chat.

  • Yeah losing important people is hard , Inshallah her place is in heaven.