What's the first video game system you used as a kid?

By the way, what's the first video game you played?

  • Arcade Machine
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  • Video Game Console (Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, Panasonic 3DO, Sony Playstation, X-Box etc)
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  • Personal Computer (ZX Spectrum, Commodore, Dragon 32/64, Amiga, Apple Mac, Intel Pentium etc)
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  • Handheld Game Console (Game Boy, Sega Game Gear/Nomad, PSP etc)
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  • Mobile Phone / Cell Phone / Smartphone
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  • I can't remember
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  • I'm not a gamer
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  • My first video game system was a computer (Commodore 64), I also had some old and crappy handheld system (I can't remember the name, it was completely unknown manufacturer).
    But then I got Nintendo for my birthday :D
    The first games I played were: Alien Attack (on Commodore), Pac-Man (Handheld), and Super Mario (on Nintendo).


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