How to deal with a judgmental co-worker?

So I work in an office, and I have a co-worker who works in the same department as me. We are a very small company, just over 10 people in our office.

Pretty much everyone else I work with is okay. But this one lady is really judgmental. She always goes on about her daughters, boyfriend's mom. I guess this guy's mom has had more than a few bf's. And the lady is always like "I don't understand that lifestyle, I only dated 2 guys my entire life". And she married the second guy she dated.

She's in her late 50's and she also judges people if they don't like sports. She went on about this girl her son is seeing because this girl didn't like sports. So she kept saying that this girl wasn't good enough for her son.

She also judges people for drinking. Like she judges people if they go out and get drunk once in a while.

I don't get how to deal with this. I'm really feeling uncomfortable around her now because I feel like everything I do is getting analyzed by this woman. Not that I lead a bad lifestyle. I rarely ever drink. But I'm 27 and have no kids. I should be allowed to party it up once in a while. I work hard!


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  • Reading this reminds me of how fortunate I am to have the coworkers I do. Far and away, my favorite is this lady... I'll call her Mary. Mary doesn't give a fuck what you think. Mary's will to suffer your continued existence took a body blow when you showed up to work today. That's right, she hasn't met you, and she already dislikes you because she's not here to be friends, she's here to get a job done. She's not taking note of every possibly offensive or insensitive thing said within earshot for a future visit to HR, because she also doesn't give a fuck what HR thinks. The only place Mary will take you is to the hospital, where they'll surgically remove her shoe from your ass if you give her even the smallest amount of attitude. And yes, you will be required to pay for the dry cleaning to restore her shoe to a wearable state of cleanliness, after you apologize to her for your poor choice in provoking her.

    Be like Mary.


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  • You've got to toughen up, who is she to you... just a woman you work with. Keep it polite with a good morning and exit her conversations with a polite I've got to get back to work. It really doesn't matter what she thinks of you, she's not signing your paycheck.

  • I Would Just Keep My Distance As Much As Possible Stay Away From Her If You Can.

  • Fuck that bitch. If she says something judgmental then just tell her off.