Do you know that the 5 currently living u. s. former presidents, do not support trump. that include, bill, the two bushs', obama, and carter?

the only current living presidents (leaders) that do support him

vladimir Putin, russia
kim jong un, north korea

yeah, this is what you people are supporting


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  • Putin does not support neither Trump nor Clinton.

    • uh, ya, he does, try again

    • He doesn't not support any, although he is siding with Trump because Clinton wants to continue hostilities against Russia, while Trump will look for more cooperation.

      Putin is siding with the less hostile towards Russia, but no support for any.

    • wasn't it Hillary who signed a peace treaty with russia?

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  • Why does the opinion of other people affect your opinion? Is that seriously how fickle your opinion is? Jesus Christ.

    Even so, 2 of those people are BUSH's, one is the husband of Trump's opponent and the other is the current president. The only person whose opinion should hold ANY weight (which is irrelevant, at best) is Carter.

    If that's your argument for why people shouldn't vote for Trump, go back to the drawing board.


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  • Incoming - It must be a fairly unique situation in US presidential elections, I suppose Trump supporters response will be they are all Washington establishment.

  • Kim Jong in? Yea nice try

  • It's pritty bad when Russia and North Korea both like trump. That says a lot!