Do you Enjoy Triggering Emotional Debaters?

I find it fun haha, some people only need you to disagree with them to get triggered and lose it.

Be it telling a feminist that there is no pay gap

Telling a Black lives matter activist that they create a culture of racism

Telling a lefty that islam isn't a race


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  • I love triggering feminists it's like the most fun I ever have. I guess my life is pretty boring then lol but it's great to see them squirm.


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  • I love triggering people. It is my favorite sport.


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  • Do you Enjoy Triggering Emotional Debaters?
    Yep I find it amusing.

    Triggering feminist I actually have to say something that would be deemed 'offensive' or factually incorrect ie 'Islam is not a real religion'.

    Triggering anti-feminists, MRAs, is incredibly easy so it's not anything I actually have to put effort into. I find all a person has to do is say anything remotely negative about men and they'll come running to defend the poor menz and rant about their victimhood status of how they have it oh so hard and everything/everyone is against them.

    It's entertaining to see them flop around credible statistics and studies... crime statistics show most violent against men is by men... yet they'll insist men are having violent crimes committed against them in way greater numbers by women than women have violent crimes committed against them by men.

    It's even more amusing when one points about the flaws in any studies they bring up about how men are these poor downtrodden victims- false rape accusation studies of data from the 1990s by a researcher who admitted his bias and used opinion to determine if a rape accusation was false. LMFAO

  • Lol so true, the funniest part is when the feminists get all tomato red over it xD


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  • I will trigger 😝😝😝