How much of a gossipmonger are you? Ever had someone gossip about you?

Have you ever spread rumors about others?
If yes, do you regret it?
If you were gossiped on, I would like to know how did you deal with it.

I have gossiped a bit (harmless) in past, but completely stopped now.
I have never spread rumor about others though.


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  • A guy told the whole high school he caught me masturbating in the restroom. I was a sophomore. He was a popular guy in my year, and every year he made sure classes below us "knew", too. It ruined high school for me. It was not harmless. I dealt with it by hanging my head and being antisocial. I always knew that, at some point, my life would be different. So while I never contemplated suicide or something like Columbine, I definitely understand impulses to do stuff like that.

    Something similar happened in college. A guy told the whole floor I was gay. This was the late 80s, so that was a much bigger scandal than it would be today. (It's a good thing society has changed to be more accepting.) But by then I knew how to deal with it. I laughed it off and kidded back, which was partially helpful. It was later dispelled completely by dating a woman on our floor.

    • Whoa 😮😫 sorry that you had to go through all that😞

    • Thanks! It took 3 formative years of my life away from me, but it was a long time ago and I'm over it. I guess it's part of who I am. Not worrying about what other people think and the ability to laugh at myself when people make fun of me are two things I learned from it.

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  • I don't do gossip because it happened to me and its not good, I just tried not to give a shit and focused on the people who knew those were all lies
    if you hide people will think you're ashamed of what you "did" so I looked down on the gossipers and kept going
    bitches got mad then ignored me


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  • As a kid I suppose I did do it. But later on in high school and college - I think I managed to actually piss off people by not spreading shit for them. They called me a pussy or something but I didn't gaf since I thought them the pussies.


    • I don't get it about guys- you all want pussy so bad and yet insult each other by calling 'pussy' lololol jk

      But it's good that you didn't spread shit, despite of people calling you names. That takes a lot of courage😊😁

    • I did at the beginning until I realized that I'm a pos for doing that so I stopped ;d

    • Smh
      I thought you are a nice guy bro lmaoo😁 jk
      At least you stopped afterwards haha

  • Yeah now I learn just speak truth and rush through everything. Even sad but true
    I had ever speak a chinese females communist online she saw it and drove crazy
    wash post all the site and be cought by childhood friends.
    I speak online due ti dare not say it in reality.

  • Not at all

  • I hate gossip

  • Like tv drama, nooo. I dont give shit that easily.


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