Are humans animals?

Some on this site refuse to believe so...

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  • Scientifically, we're part of the animal kingdom, so yes. But from a strictly scientific standpoint, some would argue (though it's debated) that humans can be considered apes.

    Still, we make the distinction between human and ape and human and animal in colloquial conversation for a reason.

    • We're not apes lol we're hominids. But we're primates

    • Okay, so "primate" is a much broader classification. Hominids are a family within the primate order. And yes, Homo sapiens (humans) fall within that order, but it includes chimps, gorillas etc

      Do you know what another term for hominid is? Ape. Now some might argue that because that's not technically a taxonomic term so we don't have to apply it to humans.. others argue that this term should be defined monophyletically, regardless.

      Like I said, there's a debate.

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  • Technically yes, but we also have the ability to reason... We as humans, we can do better... we can BE better... and based off the state of our existence right now that you can see everywhere in the news and everything, we NEED to be better.

    We are human... but that doesn't mean that we get a free pass on our mistakes, or that we ought to say that it's in our "nature" or it's our animalistic impulses that cause us to behave a certain way or do certain things. We ought to hold ourselves to a higher standard... and that is just my opinion.

    People like to say, "Ohh, but we're only human right?" when they screw up or do something wrong, to try to justify their actions to themselves and others... Well yes, you're "human" but that doesn't mean you should do what you just did, or that it's ok. Be cognisant... mistakes and wrong-doings can be certainly be avoided, because humans have the ability to think and reason and know right from wrong.

    • Other animals can reason, too. We aren't that different from other animals

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    • Dolphins are much the same, just without the opposable thumb. Maybe not AS smart but pretty damn smart

    • Yes... they just don't really have the kind of habitat or physical traits to really facilitate any sort of notable advancement, or to act out in certain ways.


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  • Ya we animals but we so much further down the evolutionary timeline that I don't think we are anymore.

  • Duh. 😆

  • We are definitely animals, primates at that. :D

    • Lol now here's the real challenge: go back to the days of debate and argue the point that humans aren't animals

    • Growing up, there were always stories about dogs learned how to form sentences, ape studies, dolphin studies. I guess it was easier back then to rationalize the apathy given towards other sentient being when you didn't actually know it.

  • Yepppers. I do believe so.

  • People don't refer to humans when they use the word "animals". So I guess we aren't in that sense.

    But biologically, yes. We're part of the animal kingdom.

  • Humans are not plants, we are animals, no doubt about that.

  • mammals specifically

  • Mmmm... Some of us act like animals. So...

  • Clearly.


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