What would you do if you had a curse put on you that made you have a painfull transformation on your birthday every year?

just for fun as i am bored say you was given a curse that made you have a painful transformation every year on your birthday where you swap gender

for example if you are female you would change to male on your birthday then on your next birthday change back to female and the cycle repeats over and over again so you spent a whole year as each gender before changeing again

what would you do


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  • I would probably be captured for scientific study and never let go. When they find out that this phenomenom can only be explained by magic, belief in God skyrrocets and I'm presumed as a bizzare analogue to Marry or someshit like that.

    But seriousness aside, I'd just divide my life between working and enjoying hobbies as a man, and being a complete whore due to free sex as a woman. That'd be the dream.


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  • That would be friggin awesome and worth the pain! I would go be a total whore every birthday! Although I would probably spend the first couple birthdays getting to know my new body personally and trying out a bunch of toys

    • i mean you spend a year as each gender and swap on your birthday

    • Even better! A whole year! I probably won't leave the bathroom/bedroom for the first month!

    • Although I would probably get tired of the whole hoe thing after a year so the next time I would try to take over the world

  • I would love to experience being a girl!! It might suck to switch back and forth every year though

    • I would rather be able to switch whenever I wanted but how about I only get 5 switches then it's permanent?

    • sure why not lol

  • Ig it was to a wolf then I just go around and scare People then the cops will show up and take me End.

  • Not ask questions on gag to push gender bullshit agendas.

    • it was just sonething i asked for fun dude i was just bored lol

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