Who else saw the Samsung Note 7 disaster coming a long time ago?

I mean, few years back, I had the iPhone 4S then the 5c and despised all Samsungs and Androids, right up until the moment the Samsung Note 4 came along, which I thought was absolutely awesome and the pinnacle of South Korean electronics technology, in fact, I approved of it so much that I bought it twice (after someone stole the first one)!

But the main reason I bought it was because I can already see back then that that was the pinnacle of Samsung, that was the best they will ever be, that everything they make will be downhill from there.

And voila! They proved me right by introducing the Note 5, a phone which took away THE SINGLE MOST critical feature of Samsung phone, i. e. interchangeable battery.

They tried to be Apple.

And they failed.

They didn't have the technology or experience of Apple of making a unibody smartphone with enclosed battery.

And hence forth, they got themselves into the mess they are in today because they are simply not good enough at making non-interchangeable battery smartphone.

And what does this story tell us?

Don't try to be someone you are NOT.


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  • As of Today, @agressor, it Looks Like on the "Global Dow" Somehow, Samsung is recovering Some, the Dow is Supposed to be High.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • Thank you for the vote of Confidence, and it seems that since Trump got Voted in, Dow is looking less Doubtful. xx

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  • Ever heard about sabotage?
    I have an hypotesis that maybe either a rival company or worse, a rival country might be behind the failure. What if an individual or a group infiltrated the factories to create defectuous products?

    • whether that is the case or not, it would still have only been possible because they took away the option of interchangeable battery, its single biggest competitive advantage against Apple, for absolutely no reason at all. That was the poster child example of shooting yourself in the foot. I mean, it's on the same level of badness as introducing the stylus for the iPad.

  • **sighs**
    I watched it on the new yesterday. So sad. :/


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  • Spluh? Wouldn't this have happened with a defective battery design, regardless of whether it was removable or not?

    I am no fan of Samsung but I don't really think you have a point here.

    • I just googled it and the problem is pinpointed solely at the battery cell.

      Now, if it was interchangeable, it would have been a minor problem, they can maybe just adjust the battery a bit, or roll out a new battery, or offer to change the battery, blame it on the battery rather than the cellphone. But now that the battery is trapped inside, they simply do not have the option to change the battery for the people, hence, they are fvcked.

  • Things happen. Didn't apple in 2011/2012 have laptops that shutdown because heating problems even under normal circumstances? It's called a design flaw and those are not exclusive to Samsung.

    • we are talking about mass scale explosion, not overheating.

    • No, we're talking about products that have been built wrong.

    • yeah,
      and getting a paper cut and getting your arm saw off by a chainsaw are both called accident.
      but they are not the same thing.

  • I was like hmmm after I read this article "People have to wait 7 days more for Samsung Note 7"

  • The consequences of going with the lowest bidder...

  • Are apple made in Japan?

  • Yeah, they really should be stayed as Samsung and not apple