Should the justice system be more strict on females?

At the moment women get let off A LOT, men are imprisoned 80% longer than women for the same crimes and are punished more harshly.

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P. s. this post is about the west.
Funny how nearly all of the women have voted no, hmmm what happened to gender equality now that this is a issue regarding male inequality?


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  • ... only if the 'justice' system lets women across the globe have the same rights as men. ie. Driving, being outside of the house, etc., which can only be said to be true for westernized/first-world nations.

    • This post was about the west, forgot to mention that but it's funny how women have voted no, what happened to gender equality?

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  • Women do tend to have a lot more leniency for the same crimes.


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  • If you have reliable statistics for your statement, please provide. If this is just supposition on your part, your statement is not valid and then, neither is your question.


      It is a 64% increase, i got the percenatge wrong.

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    • I can't tell if your mocking me.

    • i am not mocking you.

  • You get what you deserve, male or female.

    • Exactly but that's not how it is, men are treated unfairly, it's even worse if your coloured.

    • Well no one's doing anything about it. I don't think it's ever been addressed

    • Very true! Women/girls never get what they deserve.

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  • there should be no discrimination between gender in the legal system.

  • Yes I agree with you women and girls get away with a lot more than men and boys do. Sometimes I think it would have been better being born a girl. I think society looks down on boys.

    • They do look down on boys but ignore them, stop thinking like that, your a boy, you should be proud of being a boy.

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    • Yeah i get you. But we live in a world where women are always seen as victims are get away with anything and everything, until someone stands up or males rights groups address this then it won't change.

  • No women should just be removed from power civilization is being destroyed.