How to become cool and popular?

How do I get people to like me and think that I'm cool?


What Guys Said 2

  • Always wear sunglasses jk. It's more like an attitude. Confidence is cool for example. Also not caring that much about what people think. Not getting an emotional outburst and also not to behave needy

    • The sunglasses thing isn't that wrong. People who don't let others read their mind are also considered as cool. Like poker players. The sunglasses can be a symbol for that but that doesn't mean that u have to wear them. Not every poker player wears them either

  • you have to think it first.

    • But how? I have really low self-esteem

    • fake it til you make it. find someone you think is cool or is how you want to be. take notes, see how they carry themselves. then mimic how they behave. make them a sort of role model.

What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly, none of that really should be important. You shouldn't try so hard to get people to like you and you should stop caring so much about what others think because in a few years none of it will even be remembered or even matter.