Girls if you could be a guy for a day what would you do?

I saw a question asking what guys would do. So I'm curious. What would you do?


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  • Pee standing up, shot gun a beer, how far I can spit, do that weird bum tap thing guys do to team mates after a good game (cause I wanna touch a baseball player's bum just one time without it being creepy, drink an excessive amount because now my body weight matches my enthusiasm, walk around outside without a shirt on, honk at the cute girl walking down the street in the booty shorts and say 'Hey Babe" so she can give me the finger, swear like a sailor in front everyone cause they won't call it 'unlady like', beat up my asshole of a brother cause now we are equal in size, go to a bar by myself and drink alone because for once I won't have a swarm of desperate men circle me like vulture waiting for the next guy to strike out.

    • That's quite the list. You make it sound like us guys have a lot of freedom

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    • It is a real time saver. Haha also it helps because sometimes at least for me, my guy likes to head butt the toilet bowl. Also you gotta make sure to give enough shakes. You put him back to early you end up with a couple of wet spots

    • lol lol noted


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  • Sounds corny but make a list of how guys think so when I am back to being a girl then I would have some knowledge of how guys think. I would also like to just walk around and see how differently you are treated as a guy.

  • I would jerk off and then ask my roommate if she wanted to fuck so I could see what sex is like for a man. Then I'd go and hang out with the guys at the bar or the gym to get knowledge on how guys think, and act without us girls around. I would try to get as much out of the experience as possible.

  • Pee outside.