Can someone please explain this dream?

So i was running around with this girl for a bit. We hung out all the time and made out a couple of times, then shentold me she just wants to be friends. i hadnthis dream i walked up to some random guy and beat the everliving shit out of him. Is this normal? Should i see a counsler?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Sounds like you dont want this girl to use you as a second option.. or someone else to show interest in her. Dont think you need to see a counsellor though, dreams are suppose to reveal your internal feelings about something or someone

  • Yes. Pretty vanilla for a violent dream or maybe I'm just a freak. Who knows?


What Guys Said 1

  • Let me try and get my Joseph on. Ahem.. clears throat. You want to have a girlfriend. But you fear she will break up with you because you think she will just want to be friends. You walked up to some guy because this could represent someone you think she may like.

    Do you need to see a councilor? Well if you want. But your dream shouldn't be your reason for going because it's not causing any harm.