Have you ever changed your political party?

  • I used to be a democrat/liberal, but I'm now a republican/conservative
    17% (1)12% (1)14% (2)Vote
  • I used to be a republican/conservative, but I'm now a democrat/liberal
    17% (1)0% (0)7% (1)Vote
  • I've always been one or the other
    0% (0)38% (3)21% (3)Vote
  • I've always been somewhere in the middle
    50% (3)0% (0)21% (3)Vote
  • I used to be somewhere in the middle, but I'm now one or the other
    16% (1)0% (0)7% (1)Vote
  • I've never liked either
    0% (0)38% (3)21% (3)Vote
  • I used to never like either, but I'm now one or the other
    0% (0)12% (1)9% (1)Vote
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  • I actually switched from Republican to Democrat earlier this year.


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  • I used to be more liberal until i noticed the left were getting crazier.

    Things the left does
    - creates safe spaces against new ideas
    - black lives matter
    - feminism
    - changes the definition of words on the fly. Marriage now means anyone and racism now consistutes disliking an idea
    - the left can't decide what a gender is. on one end they argue that there is a male and female brain... thus it is justified to be trans because they had the wrong brain. On the other, they argue the opposite, that there is no difference between men and women, it is culture entirely
    - it's no longer LGBT, it's LGBTQX

    the left spiralled out of control


  • I used to be libertarian, but I realized that an unregulated economy only works when there is unlimited natural resources and an unlimited sink for pollution. Also I now understand the value of compulsory social insurance, like Social Security and Medicaid. So now I'm just a garden-variety liberal.

  • Switched from Republican to Independent

  • Anarchist until we actually start fixing some of the problems in government.

  • I used to be Democratic, but I switched to Transhumanist.