Why do some people take "hanging out" to extreme levels?

my ex friend, at least he is now, asked me if i wanted to hang out, make plans to go somewhere, etc. i said sure, because i figured it could just be a friendly way to spend time with someone. while we're sitting there talking, he suddenly starts saying "relationship" type things like "you got me right?" while trying to put his arm around me. then he tries to kiss me. i mean, do people normally take hanging out to this level? was he just trying to get sex? or did his interest in me give him the wrong idea? i told him before we even sat down to have a conversation, that i would not date anyone... so what gives?


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  • Ugh, I hate that. Guys invite you to "hang out" and you agree because it sounds innocent and then you later find out they want more. Why can't they just be upfront about what they want instead of being sneaky?


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  • He sees you as more than a friend

    • i get that part. what i dont get, is why he didn't take me seriously when i said i wasn't dating.

    • He may be ok with it but he probably still wants to kiss you and stuff as friends.

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  • that's just him. Most people aren't like this

    • it was wacko. now he's acting like he's mad at me because i told him i wouldn't kiss him. its not like i didn't tell him i wasn't dating. he knew that already.

  • I've been in this situation, I don't understand it either 😑

  • this is hanging out to extreme levels:
    cause why not