I hate a midget, am I a bad person?

There is this one girl at my school who is a midget and I am actually disgusted by her, but it's not because she is a midget. When she leaves the bathroom she never washes her hands, her sense of humor is drier than the Sahara, I can see her dandruff from 10 feet away, and she takes the victim card whenever it is (and even if it isn't) offered. I don't like the chick, but does that make me a bad person since she is a midget? (She's 3'2" or something)


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  • You say you hate a person
    who never washes her hands
    whose r sense of humor is drier than the Sahara
    who has dandruff
    who feels victimized because she's a midget.

    What's your problem with other midgets?

    • I've never met another midget to have a problem with, but it feels like since she is handicapped that she should not be said bad things about. That sounds silly saying out loud, but I don't think I'd have the heart to tell somebody off who is in a wheel chair. Does that make sense?

    • Just ignore her then.

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  • if she's like that for real.. I won't like her either


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  • Haha no it doesn't. You'd be a bad person if you hated her because she was a midget. If anything you're a morally sound person because you see her as anyone else and subject her to the same criticism you would give to anyone.

  • You can only hate people for the things they can control


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  • no you're not, I'd be disgusted too