How can I protect my items from breaking, when I send them by post?

One buyer of mine, was complaining about the cases of the CDs I sent him, being broken when they arrived.

How can I protect them from this?


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  • Bubble envelopes, and don't allow the case to slide around in it. There are some YouTube videos showing how also.


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  • i´ve worked in shipping. if you want to be 100% sure, it should easily handle a grown mans weight + it should survive a fall from the highest you can throw it at least. if it doesn´t meat that criteria, it might still break in shipping.

    • I use those mail boxes with bubble wrap within. Also I put them into small plastic bags when I shipped them.

    • doesn´t matter. the people who will load the trucks don´t give a shit. they´ll throw it as hard as they can if they have a bad day or they might step on it. plus it could get stuck and crushed in a conveyor. the things i said are not exaggerated. you actually need to package it that well if you want to be "100%" sure.

      many layers of bubble wrap and a sturdy carton box should be fine in most cases though.

    • just make sure the bubble wrap is densely packed so it can handle drops and throws.


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  • A good strong cardboard box and wrap them in bubble wrap. Make sure they don't rattle around in the box. That's how they get broken.

  • Bubble wrap nigga