Why do I smile whenever I see him?

so i have a close guy friend and whenever i see him i smile (which he smiles too). normally i just slight or fake smile at friends but with him its a real smile most of the time. i used to like him but as far as i know i moved on. i love someone else so i dont understand why he's the one who makes me smile.


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  • He makes you feel good in one way or another, so when you see him you subconsciously think about it and thus smile.

  • Because he is close to you, you attracted to him in a friendly way.

  • Neurological responses based on attraction.

    • I don't think anything of how he looks anymore though

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    • does that mean he's attracted to me too because whenever he sees me he smiles too

    • Probably. We have a natural urge to respond positively to others so if he smiles you will forcibly smile back and vice versa.

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