I am so frustrated with life help me?

Everyone around me is getting married/having kids and I just can't seem to find the right one.
I've been cheated on before by my first love and I'm just so frustrated with life and I need some excitement

Any tips?

  • Marriage and kids is overrated
  • Do something fun
  • Bleh anything?
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  • im in the same situation as you. so i'll just advice you, to have patience, good things come to those who wait. just make some new hobbies, like, going to the gym, or starting training of martial arts


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  • First of all set your priorities straight. Do you care about creating a family more or having a career? Pick one, you can't have it all. If you want the prior then, next up, you should stop being attracted to selfish men. I know that all women drop their panties at the first whiff of selfish behavior in men, but you'll have to start looking for men, who are caring and while you are young. Good men don't want to begin a long-term relationship with a 28 year-old woman ("when you are finally mature and ready for the "Nice guy""). The best and happiest relationships are the ones with traditional division of labor. So you should look for men with good income, in their mid 30s, who aren't arrogant, selfish, or playing the game, but are interested in being a provider and protector. Good men are interested in young, beautiful, submissive women, who cook very well, know when to shut up and never say no in the bedroom. If you give a man like that 10 years of your youth, beauty, submissiveness and sex, he'll be loyal to you forever. Thing is that today's women are "empowered, strong, independent women" and that is why men aren't interested in relationships, there isn't anything in it for us.

  • I voted B and who knows, something may happen soon

  • B, Jump into male group let them touch you randomly to death

  • Have fun, you only live once.


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