To all the gamer, civ V or Black ops?

Basically, I got $60 so I'm trying to decide whether I should renew gold to play blops or download civ5 with all the expansion packs while it's on sale. I like the intensity and strategy of civ but I haven't played cod in so long n I kinda miss multi-player experience, shit is addicting.


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  • I would say Civ 5 because the Civ games are some of my absolute favourites and I really enjoy the intensity too. I'm also biased in that I don't really like CoD but yeah, I think that Civ games are just better :P

    • They r really fun, building something from the ground up, choosing the destiny of a people, influencing social policy and the development of technology. It's almost insane at times. But ya cod can almost be tantric, the sense of flow you get into, the refinement of ur reflexes. It's gonna be a tough choice

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  • If you like black cocks I don't think you'd be much of a civ player...

    • Bro way off. No reason I can't like both. I'm a multifaceted individual. They appeal to different interests.

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  • CIV 5 ALL THE WAY! Freaking awesome game that you won't get bored of. I love it, one of my faves. Never tried Black Ops though.


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  • Save up and get civ 6 👍

    • From what I've seen the AIs r really shity making the game much less challenging.

    • The AI's mentality is definitely something to be desired. However the game itself is a lot more diverse than civ 5 and it allows for variation in the way you build. Either way choose 5 or 6 not cod haha

    • That's tru, I do like the concept of districts n city specialization but how can you expect to have a good time if your opponents r morons. No matter how intricate and thoughtful the new changes are if I don't feel challenged, if I don't doubt that I could win, why play?

  • civ 5, much better than shit ops
    g2a. com has it really damn cheap, £9 for complete edition (all DLC which would cost £60 on the store)
    hooray for g2a. com