Does he have the guts to come to my address and fight or even try to kill me?

So me and this guy was trading and he never shipped the item to me. So I reported him and he got banned. He saw my address he lives like kinda close to me. Not like SUPER close. It would take him like 20 minutes to find me. he's like 17 he has no idea how I look but he knows my address. Im not scared of him im just scared of him ringing the door bell and talking about me with my family.

Cause this is like a secret website if he exposes me to my parents I could be in serious trouble with my family.


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  • He probably won't do that because he did something wrong by fucking you by not sending the item. Even if he ever did do that then clearly he's the bad guy and ik sure your parents would take your side


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  • what were u trading?