Why isn't there more focuses on slowing ageing in the first place as opposed to treating the symptoms?

Removing senescent cells in biger animals then in human a few years from now the 40 to 70 year old's and we would know if the 70 year old's where healthier and living longer in only another 20 years maybe 25 in total.


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  • I don't know, but I hope they come up with something FAST cause I want to look young and pretty for the a very very veryyyy long time


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  • Because the disease of aging (because that's what it is) Has been with us for so long, that society has developed deep social and philosophical coping mechanisms to deal with it. These mechanisms stress acceptance of the disease, and many people have internalized these belief systems (including religions) to the point that they will say, "I'd never want to live forever."even though they NEVER say that when push comes to shove.

    • As a matter of fact, this acceptance is enshrined in American medical funding rules that do not allow payment for research into anti-aging therapies.

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    • I suggest you follow the work of Aubrey da grey

    • It's to late for me, but it's NOT impossible to accomplish within YOUR lifetime.

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  • good question! I do not know.


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  • Is that technologically feasible at present?

    • It has been done to mice starting from there equivalent of middle age and the study showed they lived a total of 30% longer.
      It was multi stage over there life i assume the cells that where some how removed from there blood or they used something to kill just the cells that could not divide any longer?

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    • I am 61 but still in good health but I don't expect this to be made available any time soon.

    • Sorry probly not soon enough for you to benefit.
      Not unless you think you can make it to 100 on your own. Witch I hope you can a few genetically gifted pepole made it to 120 and pepole are still getting older.
      You still benefited from medical advances your parents did not and pepole born now will benefit from advances that I sadly won't benefit from.

  • Senescent cells... Like all of them?