I want to sell stuff, help me out?

Hello, everyone. Please help me with this!

Write down what are 3 LATEST things that you bought online? (post link if you know it)

As well write 3 things that you would recommend me to sell?

Simple as that. Thanks everyone!

Looking for some advice, anyone? Thank you for taking time


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    • thanks mate, can you tell me in English how's that called?

    • HAHA I dont know how is it called in English.
      the first one is health bean I guess it is soy beans... etc
      The second one is memory mattress
      The third one is mad by codfish.

    • oh it's food first one, i thought you bought this plates, they are really beautiful :)

  • Man i bought 3 books, and some more books before that.

    • thanks for that information, do you buy books online or in store? *write 3 things that you would recommend me to sell?

    • I'm ordering them online because Serbia is not really rich on them. I'm guessing that clothing, make up, and PC gear would sell. Best of luck.

    • thanks for that, everything's possible. The thing is shops are so saturated online, it's really hard to start business :)