Girls and boys have u ever peed in the different way?

I was wondering whether its only me who sometimes pee In different ways. Or others also try to pee in different ways. If yes then in which way..


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  • Yes, we (3girls and 5 boys) went to mall and I wear 1 piece frock its length is above knees... After romaing an hour or morebi need to pee... I went to toilet but it was out of Service... So i came to cloth section and keep 2 black tops and went to change room... Then remove my pantie and put one top to between my legs and close my legs ans start peeing slowly.. Allmost top was wet but I need to pee more but then I might caught so i came back... And put that top under rack.. But unfortunatly our boys friend roming around that area so and there was a rule that we can check only once with maximum 3 cloths so i can not Go another time... Then I find the place when there was less public I came over that place.. At that place again one of our friends who is boy was there but I keep him busy and stand behind him.. Bit leg apart and pee slowly for 1-2 second.. This will create 2-3 inch wet puddles on flore.. This will repeat 6-7 time on single rack lines but my luck that boy dosent know 2 points... 1 I m pantie less and 2 I pee behind him... It was filling awsome...

    • That's was really awesome... you peed on the top 😂😂 it needs lots of guts.. I must say u r very brave...

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    • Sorry I mean frock and camera is seeing me so i can not do what u mentioned...

    • Pleaseeeeeee DM me

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  • I've tried peeing standing up, but tbh who hasn't? or at least thought about it right?

    • Does it splashes all over when u tried?

    • And do u spread ur lips for peeing? As I have watched a p*rn in which the girl spread her lips wuth her hand to pee... so do every girl do the same while peeing

  • I have tried peeing standing up.


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  • A group of guys at school and me pissed over this gay kids face