What would you make of someone who kept getting defensive at things?

Like she knew I completed a very brief training program at an Ivy League University.

She had visited the city it was in, so when I was asking her husband where they went he named the neighbour University. I said oh I thought you went to (the Ivy League school). His wife immediately jumped on it and said no we went where you went and calmed down when I nodded.

Is she jealous of me or something? She's a really odd woman.


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  • I would throw my hat in for jealousy.


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  • hi, she does sound a bit defensive for her own reasons we will never know, you may make her feel insecure, by education, looks, persona etc its not uncommon. also in marriage there are a lot of women out there who will talk over their husbands in conversations and want to control whats going on, if you like this couple and her, you could see if trying to make her feel more secure would help if the situation you are in with them needs it, by focusing your attention on her and asking her things directly. i think she must see you as a bit of a threat for some reason, i guess its upto how it goes on from here, also in her defence you dont know their history in like he could of strayed in the past etc or she is just a very insecure person you'll never change, looks like its up to you really whether its all worth it or just avoid it? xx