How do you guys get through things you don't want to do?

I have work all day tomorrow, and I hate my jobs. I wanna quit, but I'm afraid to quit one job because I feel like I owe them. I don't care for the other, but I severely hate retail (I need that money, tho). So, I need some help on getting through the day, or at least not bumming myself over it anymore. Some mental mondra or whatever have you. What do you do or say to help you get through things or prepare for things you dread?


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  • If you don't consider your current job a career you want, by all means start looking for other options. But in the meantime, get a paycheck, and build up experience and reputation to have good recommendations.

    As for things to help you through the day, I highly recommend learning mindfulness meditation. Don't worry, it's not exotic or voodoo. It's also proven to help with a myriad of psychological stresses and is beneficial even if you don't have a "problem". One of the big things it helps with is training your brain to stop ruminating on negative thoughts when they no longer serve a purpose.

    And ruminating is definitely something to avoid since it makes you miserable and doesn't help you. And can recommend a workbook or, if you have the money, an excellent online lecture on it. It's supposed to take work to learn how to do it, but that course actually help relieve some stress right away for me.

    • Well, the only thing that helps me get through is when I remind myself that these dead-end jobs are only temporary (literally; I should be getting an internship from my intended career within a few months, so these jobs I have now will no longer serve me a purpose). Otherwise, these jobs serve me no happiness despite the fact that I NEED them to pay for bills and get me something to eat during the day.

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    • totally agree with positive vibe of fibb hope we have helped!

    • @thewho1975 Both of you guys helped tremendously, thank you. :)

  • Honestly quit, golden rule is if you ain't gonna be there as a career quit now and go find your career before wasting too much time!

    • I am in the process of working on my career; I am a full-time student. I will hopefully get that job right after the program but I need some sort of income to keep me afloat until then. I just hate the first job, because they require me to create lesson plans for kids and I am not a certified teacher. And plus, they are being annoying about me creating these plans when I am constantly busy with school.

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    • Well, seeing both perspectives is interesting. And thank you, Fibbett. I appreciate that you think I made a sensible career move. A lot of people disagreed with me.

    • @Fibbett I agree that nothing comes with a click of fingers for sure, but to learn anything about oneself risks have to be taken and dissapointments accepted but learnt from, you only fail if you stop thinking for yourself i think anyway

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