Do you ever feel as though you are not enough?

Lately I've been feeling as though I'm not good enough and i don't know how to move past it and just be happy with who i am and with my life. I want so much more and I want to be so much more.

How do you deal with this?


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  • I am not a complete person. But no one is actually a perfect person either. I think I am lucky , to have many positives in life which I use to overcome the negatives in my life. So I feel that I am more than enough in spite of my imperfections because I know how to live a good and happy life.


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  • I would often feel like this when i was younger. Actually when i was in school, i was a slow learner and most other girls would often fly through work much faster than me and for a long time after i felt like i was not good enough. I watched as everyone around me progressed so much faster and i felt like honestly wishing i never woke up the next morning.

    About a year before entering uni, my grandmother moved in with us after her husband passed away and she literally turned my life around. She introduced me to so many fun activities and i learnt cooking, baking, sewing, arts and craft from her and through working with her and slowly began to build my confidence i guess to the point of me studying pharmacy and doing really

    So, what i suggest is maybe just try doing things you enjoy, like hobbies and don't pressure yourself to become someone. Do the things you want to and see where you go. Also try meditation to calm your mind. it helps

    • I think i do sometimes put pressure on myself. Thank you for sharing this.


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  • As cheesy as it sounds stand in front of a mirror and say one or more positive things about yourself. over time it will put your mind in a positive place where you think less about the negative and more about the positive.

    • Yea thank you. I've been trying to have loving acceptance about myself, especially my body and how I look but some days are easier than others.

  • Do you feel this way because you can't lock down alpha male for a boyfriend?

    • Part of it does have to do with relationships yea. But also my career and just where my life is in general

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  • Yeah I feel that way too sometimes.