How to deal with a ridiculously persistent guy? Why won't he leave me alone?

This all started when I was getting ready to board the train. A guy says hello to me and I say hello back, he then asks if we could see each other some time. To which I respond, "I don't think so." Seeing as how we had only talked for a few seconds. He continued to ask and then asked for my phone number. I didn't want to give him my phone number but I was afraid of what he would do if I didn't. So I made a regretful decision that is now costing me dearly. I wanted to give him a fake number but he insisted on calling the number to ensure that it was real. So he dialed my number in front of me, and it went through. As soon as my train came, I quickly jumped on it to escape. As soon as I got on the train he started calling me, and calling me, and calling me. To which he then started texting saying, "Hey baby, why won't you pick up?" to which I did not respond. This continued on for the rest of the night until I had to block him, since he found me on multiple messaging apps, and continued to call me. After blocking him, I thought that would be the end of it. But, the next day he called me from a collect phone, to which I picked up since I did not recognize the number. He asked me why I wasn't responding, and I told him that I wasn't interested. To which he then continues to ask if he can call me later. I responded, "No, I don't think so." He then asked why I gave him the phone number. I told him that I was sorry for giving him the phone number and for leading him on. But now he will not leave me alone. He's even sent me a friend request on facebook. He won't listen to what I am saying and it's starting to make me really nervous. I told him that I was getting creeped out by the amount of phone calls and texts and that I have no interest in him. What do I do to get him to leave me alone? What do I say? It's really starting to effect my life, and I'm not sure of what to do anymore.


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  • God, that's creepy. You know, the only thing you can do here is be really firm. If you don't think that just blocking his number will be good enough, let him know that his advances are not appreciated and that if he continues, you'll have to call the police. I had a nanny who had an aggressive guy and she had this exasperated look once when he tried to call her. A police officer was standing next to her and saw how upset she was. He called the guy using her phone and gave him the rundown. The guy never called back.

    My only concern is that the guy really is nuts and it'll just get him going more, but lucky for you, most people aren't completely crazy. I say you ask an officer for help. Officers love helping damsels and they're really well trained in talking in threatening, yet condescending tones that typically disables guys like this. I'll bet it fixes everything if you go that route.

  • Holy fucking shit. Next time he calls, give it to any friend and tell them to pretend that they're your boyfriend.


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  • I would just keep telling him that you're not interested nd you're already seeing someone that doesn't like what he doin, you were jus trying to be friendly, and block him from everything. That's weird