Is this funny or bad?

So me and a few friends from school went on a camping trip with a female teacher & a qualified male instructor. The female teacher miss Dunn is a horrible person! She's not pretty either & Just not nice at all & the male instructor Sam is a lovely man. We were on the way home in the van when miss Dunn said to Sam "There's two photos of me on this trip & I never want to see them again they're really bad photos". Sam said nothing! But me and my friend Cathy were sitting behind them so we heard what miss Dunn said! My friend Cathy is a good looking girl & she hates miss Dunn. Cathy said loudly "I look great in all them" in a cheeky but funny way after miss Dunn moaned about the photos lol! Sam had a big smile on his face for ages & miss Dunn made a face! Is this funny what Cathy said? Would you of laughed?


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  • Lol yea i woulda crack tf up, that teacher sounds like a prude


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  • I doubt I would've


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