Do you think Democrats stop courting and placating the SJW ideologues?

Hillary will probably still win, but it's much closer than people expected. I personally feel that the SJW contingent pushes people away from more liberal ideas. They are hateable, irrational people.
Stop labeling everyone that disagrees with you as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

I don't care who wins, but I just hope people wake up to this and actually debate the ideas. People wanted to buck the system, clearly.


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  • Trump is going to win.

    • I don't know, but whether he does or doesn't, I think Democrats should realize what they've done wrong.
      And also, not just move over for one person to take the White House from the beginning.

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  • No, the Democrats will still support all the SJW crap, cause it gives them thus aura of "goodness", as if they're doing the right thing.
    People are stupid and usually just see what's on the surface.
    Plus, if Hillary wins, and she grants amnesty to illegals, that'll be 11 million more votes for the Democrats in the next elections... no way the Republican party will win another election of she gives citizenship to all the illegals. So if that happens, there's no reason for them to disassociate themselves with the SJWs.

    • You're probably right. Ironically, very stubborn and ignorant on their part.


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  • She's already lost. If any good comes of this, it's that SJWs will get wtf pwned going forwards. The mad men days are back

  • Dude are you blind?

  • hopefully. sjws are the reason trump won. sjw, feminist and the like. they are all nuts.