Girls, can you answer this?

There is this girl I know she has dark eyebrows kind of thick dark hair but her arm hair there is nothing does that mean she shaves it or it's just really light I was curious what do you think she does down there like private area armpits and legs. She posted something that said no shave November on it along with no money boyfriend etc. do you think that means she doesn't shave her private area, armpits and legs now what do u think thanks


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  • Does she fill in her eyebrows so they're a different color than hair in other places? That's another possibility.

    • Well I think they are naturally like that I'm not sure if she said no shave November in something she shared do you think she doesn't shave then

    • It's typically uncommon for women to shave their arm hair, but it's still possible that she does.

  • Some girls might do the no shave November I guess lol, but I have dark brows and brown arm hair but you can still see it

    • Do you think since she posted about it means she actually doesn't shave or it's a joke where do it imply a girl doesn't shave no shave November

    • Also can we message about this I feel it would be better haha it won't let me so maybe unlock it haha

    • I didn't know it was blocked lol it could go either way but it was prolly a joke