Have you had run into trouble at your workplace?

only because you took something without permission at the work kitchen when you were having lunch? I mean like somethinga s little as a teaspoon of butter for instance.

I got big scolded today by a female supervisor just because he saw me taking one teaspoon of his butter she kept in the firdge. The butter had no name so I thought the butter was for everyone. There are many things inside the office fridge that had no name on it and people keep it there. As I was taking the butter to put on my lunch, one of the coworkers made some upset eyes to the supervisor, so the supervisor scolded me right there in front of other cowroeks who were having lunch.

Then not only that but after lunch, the supervisor scolded me more and told me that I should stop making the habit of taking things without permission because is not fair that people buy stuff for themsepves and other coworkers take advantage of it and steal the things, she added that she knows other people at the office does that but that does not mean it is correct to do it. She assumed it is a habit I do to steal things withotu permission, cause she said" " I ask you not to keep doing that". It was just one time when she caught me off guard, but she assume I have that habit.

Instead of scolding me in private this lady had to do it in front of other coworkers who were having lunch. So now everyone will believe I take things without permission, and taht is not true.

Like I said the butter had no name on it and I thought eeryone can grab from it as I thought it was a shared thing. cause sometimes there are food in the fridge at work that are for everyone and has no name on it that belonged to someone.


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  • I've never stolen anything, no.


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  • Just talk about it to your colleagues and say you didn't know and haven't ever done it before so don't know why he said all that, and you genuinely thought it was just butter for people to use, like the milk or coffee is or whatever.

    • But the female supervisor got all defensive and by Skype she told me that I should stop doing it, as If was a habit that Ido often. It was just yesterday that I took the butter without permission and she saw me doing it at the moment, but the butter was in the fridge had no name on it saying it was her or her group, so I thought it was for everyone to take. She did not understand reason, she thinks she was right and I was wrong.


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  • Probably one of the reasons why i don't work in a kitchen...

    • I dont work int he kitchen either. It was the office lunch place.

    • oh... well, your phrasing was off...

  • cool scene miss... pretty stupid haha.


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