Is this how attraction works?

I've been getting a lot of compliments from females aged between 18-17's and even been asked out?

Ps: I am 24

  • It's because of you being smoking hot
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  • They are teenagers
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  • Girls are always attracted to older guys
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  • I don't know bro
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  • I know but i won't tell you
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28d People are sleeping? :X


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  • There could be a number of things but girls that age have ideas of what they want without thinking of the reality. but u must be really good looking and kinda mature, generally two basic things younger girls go for plus ur older

    • 28d

      Kinda mature really :(

    • 28d

      Message me and i am happy to explain what i meant. sorry if i offended you. didn't mean to do so.

    • 28d

      Ok i messaged

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