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I am in my senior year of high school. My boyfriend and I broke up awhile ago and I'm really having a hard time. My only hope is that things will get better after I graduate but until then I am stuck. Waking up in the morning is almost impossible and I have times where I can hardly stand another minute of being here. I feel so depressed I just want this all to be over. This has been going on for a few years. How do I get through guys?


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  • What are your interests? Music, art, learning new things? Try taking up a hobby to get yourself busy. Whenever I'm feeling sad, I like to play the piano or draw, even play video games or something. Talking to someone you trust will definitely help. Keep your head up. I wish I could offer better advice, but just know that it's not the end and things will get better.

  • Get yourself happy or busy. Get other stuff to do. Make yourself happy, do things that you love to do. Or tell your friends about this. Im sure you'll be alright.