I'm slow at everything?

I hate that I am slow. I don't mean to do things slower. Like when I am at school a teacher asks me a question and I just freeze and when I finally talk my voice gets shaky am I slur my words. That being in general with my sisters, my mom and my sisters friends. I've wanted to become a doctor but I don't anymore I'm too slow. I'm giving up on so many things because of this. It's so embarrassing when people notice something about me and it's how I'm slow and stupid at things. I'm a 16 year old girl but I don't act like it. I'm going to be single forever. I honestly can't do this anymore. When everyone calls me stupid and slow and worse. When teachers treat me like a child. Or talk to me like a child. I hate my life. Know one would even care if I was gone I'm just extra. Ad my mom can't even trust me anymore because I'm SLOW for my age. I wish the doctors had let me go when they said I won't live. I wish I was never born. I was a premature baby at 7 months and I was 2 pounds really weak and had health problems.


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  • You sound as much lacking in confidence as anything else. You give yourself nothing but negative feedback which further exacerbates your lack of confidence and this is then picked up on by others who add to the negative feedback and it becomes a vicious circle. We should always try and be our last line of defence, not our first line of attack. You should be the one person who gives yourself a break. Your belief in yourself is the foundation on which all other things are built.

    Don't accept that you are 'slow'. Don't focus on the negative voices in your mind, don't allow them to speak. You are likely a good person. Bad people don't spend much time thinking about how bad they are. Focus on the fact that you are a good person, a person who tries and who cares. Focus on what you do well rather than what you don't. Everyone is good at something, even if we're not the best in the world at it.

    Practice being nice to yourself, you have nothing to lose in doing so.

  • Slow and steady wins the race.

  • get therapy


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