Why do babies gravitate to me?

A few times i've been out in public and I notice babies gravitate to me. I was at walmart and a couples baby walked up to me smiling and engaging with me. I felt warm inside. I dont have kids by the way. It happened again a few years ago when I was at a restaurant and a baby kept staring at me the whole time. It made the couple uncomfortable Lol. The baby looked and smiled at me. Im wondering what that means...

The baby even gave me his toy and wanted me to pick him up lol. he was about 3. it was cute. i can't wait to have kids of my own


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  • At least you're not a man. It makes me look so bad when children run up to me for no reason and I don't know what to do.


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  • that's not too unusual
    babies are naturally curious about their surroundings
    but if it was staring at you the whole time... it must think you have a cute face :)

    • The baby couldnt stop looking at me. the mom had to change the position of the baby seat and the baby turned its head and still looked. she apologized to me but i told her it didn't bother me and i just smiled and waved at the baby lol

    • that's adorable. don't worry about it. similar thing happens with me and kids. i was walking with my friend when this baby girl started walking toward me, grabbed my pant leg, and her dad apologized, lol. it's strange but cute.

    • I was thinking maybe God is telling me its almost time 4 me to be a mother


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  • Babies can't smile they don't have the muslues for it so most likely they has gas I'm the same way but I grew up as the oldest cusions on my dates side so I just assumed I learned how to put babies and kids at ease as I was always around them


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  • You have a warm feel to you probably.
    I get that too. I couldnt even tell you how many kids have run up and hugged me in grocery stores and what not.

  • They say kids can feel when someone is really nice and true from the heart.