Does this make me more desirable for girls?

One time my friend kept throwing me a glove that he uses for Football or something (It is very sandpapery and rough) and I was annoyed so I yelled "STOP IT OR I'LL PUT IT ON AND GIVE YOU A PAINFUL HAND JOB!" Then I got kicked out of class lmao

So many guys/girls heard that so I was just wondering if they desired me more than they already do?

This was inspired by @Autumn-Bunny 's question lol #MexicanAdultDiaperBunnyBuddies4lyfe 💜

  • Omg would bang/10
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  • No I'd avoid you
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  • I wouldn't care
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  • Cool story bro
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  • Spread your gloots boyo bahaha/'Mirin
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  • This is why we can't have nice things
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  • I miss Mario :(
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  • would bang/10 but I'm crazy soooo don't go off of me


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  • Did you really yell that out in class? 😂

    • Yes lmao I'm known as the weird kid at school lmfao

  • I'd just assume he was being a dick with his friends and wouldn't care

  • Lmao yerp totally made them wet.

    • I knew it 😂 I'm just smooth like that 😎

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    • Lmao you delinquent! I actually have straight As its just that I'm really retarded 😂

    • That makes no sense but yes I graduated high school with honers, did the valedictorian speach, and got a full scholarship too! I was just a rebel and super emo. I get it.

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