Moods of the season? Whats yours?

While I have seen studies based on certain moods being seasonal mine do not always like up with the norm, for example I almost always have really bad depression mid-summer not in the winter Holidays like most. Also I tend to be really in the mood to date around August September and December January every year. The rest of the year I have basically no dating drive and my depression is mild.

So out of raw curiosity do you guys year in and out find yourselves in the same moods at the same times? and what are they?


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  • All I know is that I am angry during summer if the ac stops working
    I can't handle the heat


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  • I'm usually happy in winter because where I live it almost never gets cold and when December comes around it finally does, plus the cold helps my neck pain be less and in summer usually in a foul mood because where I live, it gets ridiculously hot, so hot it can actually cook your brain if your out in the sun too long and you can even bake cookies in your car. Plus in summer is our monsoon season which means lots of clouds and clouds and heat really mess up my neck and back to crippling pain, when it rains I'm fine, but it almost never rains and when it does it lasts 5 minutes at most, the cloud build up puts extra pressure in the atmosphere which messes up my neck. Where I'm at summer usually lasts from April to November, winter is December to February and march to may is hot and cold


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  • Spring will make me depressed

    • See and thats such a weird thing most studies would say we are weird, I just find it fascinating. No offense to your depression sorry you have to deal with that.

    • For me it's because it's a reminder of something that happened.

      Autumn is by far my least favorite one. There is sun, but it's still cold. , rain, rain rain, cold wind.

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  • Seeing fall go away is depressing.