Is she the one, What is true love to you? Falling in love with the body or falling in love with the soul?

Years ago when I was in high school I dream about a girl a that I knew. The following morning it came true. But the thing is I didn't think about or have in mind of having sex with her. I didn't even care that she had breasts. And I always get this (resonation) or vibration from her and it's almost like time stands still when I'm around her. We never went out or hung out. We've been separated for 4 to 5 years. But I saw her on Halloween working at a store and I got the same feeling from her as I did when I first met her.

So, is she the one, is it better to fall in love with body or fall in love with the soul and what does true love mean to you?


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  • This sounds like my idea of pure and real love. It feel unconditional right? It just feels like everything about her is "right". You don't mind how she looks, even though when you look at her it all looks "right". She's beautiful because she just looks like her, right?
    I have this feeling about a counselor at my school. She's 45, married, a little chubby with colourful clothes. Every time she comes close she just gives me this energy. She looks so nice, I don't mind her thick legs or protruding stomach. It's all beautiful because it's part of her. When we speak we have chemistry. It just works. We have the same way of talking, I'm able to look her in the eyes, and it just comfortably flows. She's young in spirit, and she's funny, authoritative, mature and caring. It's just something about her.

    To me this is the kind of feeling I want to have with the woman I marry. She's the kind I would marry. Obviously not her, as she probably would never take me, and is already married. It's sad, but oh well.

    Looks should never come first. If you find a woman beautiful inside, you will more than likely adore her outside as a result.

    • Yes! That's actually the way it is!

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    • @IvoirianGirl20 Not everyone needs to be. Sometimes it gets too much, and I can't see things for what they are anymore, haha

    • I don't even know what I want in a partner. I just cleary know things that I won't tolerate

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  • To me , looks, personality/character, and religion comes into play when it comes to love.

    Example, there may be a guy who is handsome as whatever but he lacks a good character/incompatible , then obviously I won't be able to grow the love

    But there may also be a guy who I find unattractive , but has good character. Even though looks can change whenever due to accidents or whatever the initial attraction is important.

  • Falling in love with the body and the soul. Falling in love with a person (body and soul).


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  • Have you even had a conversation with her? If not, then no, you have no idea whether you're at all compatible or not.

    • A few times but not recently

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    • Good luck, then. At you're not just sitting around letting your thoughts fester.