Mechanics/Car experts can you tell me if I'm being ripped off?

I was driving my vw bug out of a drive through after I got my food and I hit the curb trying to pull out. I couldn't have been going more than 5mph right. The car was rented through enterprise and I went to one of their garages and the guy said it's like a 50$ fix because one of the reflectors came off and the bumper detached from the clips on the side but was still fine to drive.

I turn it into enterprise and they charge me $700 to fix the scratched bumper that needed to click back in. I think they're trying to rip me off. What do you think?


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  • certainly sounds like a rip-off if it is truly a small scratch, especially since they probably won't repair a small scratch

    you can replace a bumper for that price. now if they are going to re-paint the entire bumper i guess that could cost some money but again not $700

    i'm a bit confused. an Enterprise mechanic said it would be $50? which makes sense... why didn't you get it fixed then? can you perhaps get the mechanic you went to, to print out a copy of their quote

    • So basically there were several enterprises in LA and I went to a garage that a different enterprise location used than the enterprise I rented from. So the mechanic knew I wasn't supposed to get it fixed on my own but he was like if you get the paint from vw we can paint over it and pop the bumper back in for like $50. I tried calling that garage I went to but I don't know that guys name. And I was very adamant about calling enterprise and being like one of your garages said it was $50 and they're like we can't verify that and you definitely won't be ripped off.

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  • Should have paid the 50$ to fix it.
    Also they aren't a repair place so they do stuff to make extra off damages.

    • I know I was just afraid that maybe I did some kind of unseen damage that could potentially harm the next driver so I wanted to do it through enterprise but of course they would do this after I told them it was 50$


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  • From $50 to $700...
    what do you think? companies do this already... we all all know that. tell me you took the car back to the $50 place...

    • Believe me I wanted to but I was afraid there could have been damage I couldn't see that would negatively affect the next driver of the rental car

    • should have taken that shitty insurance that they have...

  • It's not cheap to repaint parts (and you cannnot repaint just one spot, the whole part needs to be repainted). But 700$ sounds a bit much.


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  • Omg yes you're being ripped off. That's far too high a price to pay 😱 It's best to take your car to a reputable garage or go to one that someone you know recommends

    • Yea of course they were like you can't fix it we have to bring it to one of our garages