My coworker keeps looking at me?

So I've been at my job for a month now and there's this guy he looks at me sometimes not really stares more of a look and finish his work.. the other day we were working across from each other and every now and then when I looked in his direction he'd be looking at me or our eyes would meet. This week he was in front of me and he tried to make small talk.. asking me where I stay, asking me what I ate on our lunch break... and did I have family that worked there with me and he asked me why do I smile so much... but I'm really quiet so I wouldn't talk back to him as much.. then yesterday he was working behind me and he would come up the stairs close to my area and say "you better be doing your work"... I know he has a girlfriend he talks about her a lot and he was telling me that he wanted to propose to her so I he doesn't like me so please don't say that.. but he makes me feel awkward and I always think I have something in my teeth or on my face because he looks at me I've been at my job a month and he's never talked to me until these two weeks


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  • Maybe he just likes you as a person. That can happen now and then, you know? Where you just feel compatible or curious about someone. It has nothing to do with love or crushes, just a liking. I've sometimes come across girls that I know are taken, and I wouldn't pursue anyways, but somehow they are really really nice to talk to, funny, and always has a nice expression on their face that just makes you happy. I might find them attractive, but that's not why I gravitate towards them.

    • Thanks!!! Sounds right

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  • "When the Cat is Away the Mouse will Play."
    Stay Clear, dear, it appears With the Writing on the Wall and All, he May have a History of being A... Cheat Sheet or a Fairly Good Flirt with the Skirt. xx