Am I going crazy? What to do?

I don't know what to do. I'm not the type to open up to people easily at all. Anyways this guy I met online knew me by my secrets first. And then we became friends. So we've been messaging each other lots for about two/three weeks and then for a few days he just stops... barely messaging me. And my little crazy self is missing him so much. I think it's because I let him in, I can fairly say he knows more about me than anyone I know IRL since he knew my BIG secrets first.

So I'm naturally nervous that something's wrong and I've asked him if he's ok, tried to give him space but I'm missing him all the while. I am unaccustomed to being clingy or needy so I don't want to ask him anymore. Part of my brain is now feeling like maybe I was too open... it's to the point where I opened up so much I almost expected that he would remain constant in my life, yess even though we've only been chatting for such a short time.

At the same time I could be going insane and he's just normal and I (with my typical overly self conscious self) am reading wayy to much into the fact that he's barely responding. And when he does... It's like one dry lifeless sentence as if the joy in speaking to me is gone. I don't think I did anything wrong... Not sure he's going through a personal issue? Am I crazy?Am I going crazy? What to do?

  • You're batshit crazy
  • Relax... He just wants some space
  • He has something going on (prob doesn't wanna talk about it)
  • Just forget about him, if anything he'll come back when he's ready
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  • just forget about him for the time being. Let him come back to you if he is ready.


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  • Hmmm I wonder if it's me sweedypie?

  • Just forget about him, if anything he'll come back when he's ready


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