Are you concerned that Trump's Transition Team is made up of a majority of Washington insiders?

I wasn't a trump supporter but i did like his plan to "clean out the swamp" in regards to ridding the halls of government with career politicians and lobbyists and reducing the influence of wall street in politics.

So I was pretty disappointed to see the number of lobbyists, career politicians and high level wall street bankers players on his transition team (10of19).

*I was especially shocked to see the ties to the much vilified Koch Brothers, Michael Catanzaro and Mike Mckenna have*

is it concerning or disappointing to you that perhaps the status quo may not change?


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  • I'm not really surprised. Do you think a businessman would be interested in "cleaning out the swamp"? I can see why he would put people in there who would suit his business interests. Trump has many high level friends I'm sure, and he wants them to be kept happy so that is what he is most likely going to do.

    Unfortunately with any election, people make promises they do not intend to keep just so they can get those votes.

    The problem is so many people believed he was invested in it for them. But I don't think that's going to be the case. I don't think Trump is the "every man" candidate that people thought he might be. Now we'll see once things get settled, but I'm not convinced he's going to work in the best interest of the people.

    Unfortunately there isn't much in it for him to do that. It's more of a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" type of deal now a days in government no matter who is in there.

    in my opinion this is a venture for him. He's going to make it work for him. It may have started off as something he thought would be fun to try, but now that he actually won I think he's going to try and make money off of it somehow. But maybe that's just the cynic in me.

    • "I don't think Trump is the "every man" candidate that people thought he might be."

      I agree about this. Trump has never been or considered himself an every man. he's done well in business but almost always at the expense of the "every man". So i 100% agree. I think he said what people wanted to hear but i think people are going to realize that he doesn't represent the common man.

    • Thanks for the response! I really hope people realize this. As I think they've been duped. But we will have to wait and see what happens. The optimistic part of my brain wants to see Trump actually try to do a good job now that he is actually moving forward with this. But only time will tell.

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  • Yes, I'm not surprised. He projected an image as an outsider, just as Obama did, but then, like Obama, he is turning out already to be as much of an insider as Hilary or the other politicians.

    I didn't vote for him, and I feel sorry for many of those who did. They expected to overturn the system... but nothing like that is going to happen!

    • i agree. i was disturbed by his rhetoric in his campaign and grossly disturbed by the amount of seemingly racial, gender, etc tension it seemed to provoke. but i was interested and enthusiastic in his talk (similar to that of bernie) of changing the climate of washington. seeing the normal list of lobbyists (who's job it is to push an agenda paid for by big business) and career politicians makes me wonder if once again america is being somewhat duped

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    • I totally agree with you! I am not surprised at all. There are so many businessmen in politics, it's not at all uncommon. And I'm not shocked that Trump has many high level friends either. A man in his position would have so many friends or people who want to be his friend, especially now. He's the perfect trifecta of things: Businessman, celebrity and now politician. It was easy to sell him to the public.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Here's the problem (for ANY president): his appointees have to be CONFIRMED by Congress, and a whole stable full of outsiders simply could never get confirmed. There's a somewhat legit concern that an outsider would simply lack the experience working the system and understanding the scope of their responsibilities, but it's also very much about the comfort level of the other politicians who have to confirm those appointments.

    It's a nice dream to have all fresh faces, unsoiled by Washington, but in reality if you can get even 20% fresh faces, you're doing VERY well. Remember, politicians have spent 200 years setting up the current system to their liking, and have built in lots of "fences" to keep things the way they like them.

    The game is rigged - by BOTH sides - to keep real outsiders out and to allow only minimal changes no matter which party's candidate wins. That moderation and political deadlock is probably better than the country dealing with extreme position changes every few years. That kind of chaos with kings of different religions caused centuries of war in Europe...

    • i'd prefer politicians or scholars. my concern is nearly 50% being lobbyists means that for years they were paid to push a specific agenda for big businesses rather than really concern themselves with what is best for the people

    • Exactly! It's not easy or even possible to undo 200 years of work in 4 years. I think anyone who thinks they can do that are kidding themselves. We need to start voting with our wallets as well as our ballets. Only give your money to companies who hold up ideals you agree with. That is the only way to truly get them to change.

  • You don't really have a choice, they are all like that. He was actually asked this question and that was his exact answer. It does make a lot of sense. Draining the swamp is not an overnight job. It tooks decades to put them in and it will certaintly take decades to get them out

    One step at a time - let him implement some rules to saveguard the future but hopefully it doesn't get shit on by proceeding presidents, which I do fear

    • my concern is one step at a time and the first step is people who for years have been corporate shills paid to push the agenda of big businesses. so i wonder

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    • His team will certainly be a strategic mix of individuals that should further his goals. These picks are quite important as they determine how things will unfold. And you need people that have influence. Unfortunately the same people are also probably part of the problem

      But at the very least change will come from where it's realistically possible. Term limits is a good start for the 'status quo' to potentially change course

    • i initially thought term limits was the key but have been reading into it looking at articles from political theorists and scholars. i'm still interested in term limits but don't think that simply not allowing a good politician to run is a good idea. guys like bernie sanders and john mccain who actually do good for their constituents would have been pushed out... i've been reading about congressional grading systems with term limits imposed on congressmen who have failing grades. this would seem best to rid the halls of the bad while keeping the good

  • You know the old Russian saying "meet the nrw boss same as the old one"

  • He said he would have to phase out lobbyist over time. Right now, He couldn't build a cabinet without them.

    • can't build a cabinet without them? why is that? there are probably millions of qualified people at least thousands. scholars, businessmen, professors, advisors, lawyers, doctors, ambassadors, etc. there are people in state and local governments... can't build a cabinet without lobbyists seems like a cop out. looking at obama's transition team there were 14 people on it with only 2 having worked with lobbying groups

    • This^^^^^

      I totally agree @madhatters4

  • I don't like two people on his team, the rest I don't really care about. The two people I don't like? Mike Pence (our new vp), and, Stephen Bannon

  • He's picking the worst of the swamp.

  • Pray for the worst, hope for the best. We are on a collision course with an unknown

    • "We are on a collision course with an unknown"
      this seems pretty apt. although having a staff of the same old makes me wonder if we are on a course to the known which is the same old same old

    • my thoughts exactly

  • Serves right to these fool trump supporters. Go keep on sucking his orange cock believing that orange buffoon fool