Do you think attractive people are given more importance than smart people?

Let's say there's a person who went to a normal University. Quite attractive. Has like 900 instagram followers, lots of friends, likes to socialize.

Another person went to an Ivy League school for a competitive program. Unattractive. No instagram, friends are more like business contacts etc.

It makes me wonder if attractive people are anyways given a better lifestyle than smart people.


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  • It's fair to say that smart people, be they intelligent or just criminally smart, possess 90% of the wealth in the world, they run the countries and all of our companies. Name more than a handful of extremely good looking world leaders or billlionaires? Naming more than one is hard enough.

    Attractive people are given more attention at a level that really is of no consequence. If you cannot contribute something substantial to the world then you are just different shades of window dressing.

    • No I think you've taken a very extreme example of smart people.

      I am talking about most people not world leaders or billionaires. Most people go to University, start working, get a pay cheque, get married have kids and then that's their life.

      Most people aren't given the opportunity to be world leaders etc.

      So when you think about it, maybe in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter who was smarter than whom.

      It matters only when it gets to comparing people who truly do have different goals with their life. Like comparing an aeronautical engineer to a minimum wage worker of course the former would most likely have a better life

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    • I like this quote of yours 'A defeatist attitude is neither attractive nor smart. Life is there for the taking."

      You know, I've always been very aware of someone who was able to do something I couldn't. Like if someone was enrolled in an actuarial science program, I don't think that their status is very different from a business person but I know deep within myself that I would not be able to get through a program as quantitative as that.

      It makes me wonder if that intimidation of mine is what causes me to think that person and me are not equals, when in fact we might be and the person at the other end would probably regard me as such if I wasn't so obvious about I myself not believing it.

      Life IS there for taking. The goal is to be a better version of yourself. Take recruiting from business school for example. I was always so insecure because I knew that other people deserved certain opportunities more than me.

      It's probably true, but it wasn't wrong for me to pursue them

    • At the end of the day, what probably sets you apart from one person to the next is not only how smart you are but also how hard you're willing to work to be the best version of yourself

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  • It's much more complicated than that. the office is a jungle. Each individual enters with certain advantages or disadvantages. First impressions are important so work what you got and be confident. Unfortunately confidence matters a lot no matter how qualified or unqualified you are.

    Pretty women who are meek don't make it far on first impressions. Fat people who aren't confident have it the worst. But confident fat women who back up their ego with performance have a good chance.

    Peole who have social smarts have an advantage. You can be the best performer, from a good school and whatever but if you aren't from a good family and you aren't focused on climbing the ladder the right way you may not go far.

    Pump up your boss but don't kiss as and make sure you have contacts that respect you that are in other departments.

    Going to an ivy guarantees you nothing once you get the job. You still have to prove you can do the job and build a network.

    The number one thing is to be likable. If they don't like you you won't get anywhere.


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  • Depends on which context? I rather work with a dorky unattractive engineer if they did a better and more proficient job. In business I could see the more attractive person having better opportunity, since business is more reliant on communication and social skills. By default, attractive people have the upperhand when it comes to that.

    • I went to business school and never felt this way even though I can see how it would be true.

      I was always so intimidated by the ugly smarter guys.

      Because I knew secretly that they were smarter than me

    • Yeah I've come across that as well lol. I'm in engineering, hence my reference. I've noticed that a lot of these engineering guys are overcompensating by selling this image of greater intelligence so they can feel more important lol. That right there says something about this question of yours. Maybe those are the same people that you've come across.

      Also what you have to account for is the mere fact that getting into an ivyleague school in any major is extremely difficult and requires a lot of time and dedication. Most of those individuals don't have much of a social life because all of their time goes into their gifts, which is intelligence. It might not be that their attractiveness is the determining factor, so much as it is that they simply don't put much an effort to socialize. Therefore their social value is sub of the average person.

  • It is far, far more complex than this. Presuming the attractive person is dumber (beautiful people tend to actually be smarter) is the first error.

    • Nah. I don't agree beautiful people tend to be smarter.

      Some of the most beautiful women in the world probably reside in Hollywood. I'm sure lots of them are smart but not all of them are.

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    • They're street smart not book smart is what I meant

    • I never understood how people thought that there was a separation between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. You do not need to be an astrophysicist to be "smart".

  • Yeah, I think being attractive is probably the greatest advantage you can have in life.

    • It's funny because it's important while growing up, then it becomes less important along the way then it goes back to being important.

    • When does it become less important?

    • I think maybe in University to an extent depending on your major.

      Since the requirement to do well in University is mainly book smarts, I think most people care about that more

  • Bill Gates. Enough said.

    • Bill Gates was a drop out yes, but he was a smart person.

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    • But that is a very extreme example.

      My point is based on people who are much closer to capability and realism.

      For example, let's say there are two people who have a $20,000 difference in salary just based off of their education levels.

      Both of them get pay cheques. Both of them will get married and have kids.

      What difference does it make who was smarter? Both will live essentially the same life more or less, like the common man does.

    • If that's true, why would they care? They'll make the best of what they can. I work with two people who live on a two grocery store incomes, which is well below my income. They make do with what they have with two kids. You learn to adapt. Her husband is a manager; he earns more than she does. It makes no difference to them. And they coordinate that across two families.

  • Yup that's how it works

  • No, it's all luck vs. skills.

  • Yes obviously


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  • Initially yes, but once a person gets to know two people... one beautiful and the other one smart... the smart person is held in more esteem and given more respect than the good- looking person

  • I don't think so. I think more intelligent people are given more "importance"
    But it is documented that on average more attractive people get hired easier. From there it's up to each individual to make themselves more "important"

  • Its a strange day when instagram likes becomes the definition of a better more important life.

    • See I knew someone would attack the uh... shallowness? of the thought.

      But I mean it seriously. What do we really want from life? Love and respect.

      Smart people aren't really given a lot of love anyways. I used to think they were given a lot of respect but what I can see now which I didn't before is that respect is very conditional.

      It's conditional on them being perfect or at least as close to perfect as one can be

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    • Life sucks, its not fair. Neither is the hiring process. What is important are commitment and giving a crap about yourself and the company you work for. Let the others scrap over the meaningless stuff about who's smarter. I really don't care who is smarter. I care about who cares about themselves, their company and their co-workers. Find yourself a company that has the right culture and attitude, forget about who's the best or worst and focus an the company and yourself.

    • I can't say this enough... find the right company with the right culture for you, take nothing less.

  • Not at all lol. Smart people just don't care about Instagram and usually are doing stuff with their lives besides social media.. in my opinion of course.

    • Not true.

      Some of the smartest people I know are very active on social media

  • well sometimes yeah but not always