Guys, do you think women are crazy? Girls, do you think guys are crazy?

So I found out today that my SO thinks I'm crazy. This was news to me. Like, I know he thought I was mild trouble, as everyone else does for some reason (No one ever tells me why. I'm very well behaved though. I don't know WHAT they're talking about.)
Anyway, we were just talking, and he goes "well I'm not telling you, because you're crazy" Which I don't take much offense too. Because the way he had SAID it, was teasing. But he calls me a lot of things teasingly. Like he's called me a brat, and snippy, and prissy, and things like that. But then I kinda poked at it more, and no, he LEGITIMATELY thinks I'm crazy. It's apparently not enough to make him go "I'm out", and it's not like some stalkerish "I'm gonna follow you home" stuff either, it's more like I'm super just energetic, and I have weird thoughts, and stuff like that. But like, while he's trying to rest, I'm CONSTANTLY just ON and like "No no, I wanna play, I need to do this, and that, RIGHT NOW" Neurotic would be a good word I guess.

See but I think HE'S crazy, and I won't go into details, but from some stories and things I've seen him do, YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND, like he just has bad ideas sometimes that makes you go "WHY!!!"

But after that conversation, it got me thinking, about this question, WHICH IS THE CRAZIER GENDER?

  • I'm a girl, I think guys are crazy
  • I'm a guy, I think girls are crazy
  • I'm a girl, I don't think guys are crazy
  • I'm a guy, I don't think girls are crazy
  • Other
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy


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  • I don't think. I know.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, after reading your post, i think you're crazy. But i also think my SO is crazy sometimes too. Not in a bad "lock me up" kind of way, just a little out there sometimes. A little crazy isn't always a bad thing i guess.

    • Well see I don't think I'm crazy. I think I can be a little out there at times, but who doesn't get like that? In my opinion I'm a little different, but not quite at like, crazy yet. But I mean if your SO can put up with it, and actually likes it, then is it really a problem? ;D

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    • Sounds like a woman was coming onto him, but do you know if he went?

    • He was with his guy friends from work in china on his birthday. No women, they were just drinking far too much.


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  • You even seem crazy... it's like you're yelling everything at me.

    • I speak quickly and loudly in my real life when I'm actually interested in the question, HOWEVER, you do NOT wanna hear me like LEGITIMATELY yell or scream or anything, because APPARENTLY it's super shrilly and girlish and ear piercing

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    • Let's be friends. I wanna hear more stories

    • OKAY! I have lots of stories

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm a girl and I think girls are crazy.

  • Sex doesn't matter when it comes to craziness.