Would it help to improve my English if I travel abroad or date some foreign guys in China?

Hey! I'm from China. I've been learning English for about 12 years since junior high. I'm an English major with a master's degree and I've just got a job to teach English in a senior high school in Beijing. However, I still think my English sucks. It really does. How ironic...

Would it help to improve my English if I travel to some English-speaking countries or make friends with some native English speakers in China? I'm kinda shy and conservative. I don't know any foreign people in my real life. It seems that the easiest way to meet foreigners here is to chat with foreign guys around who actually want sex with Chinese women. What a shame...


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  • I would try to meet people at events like English corners. Yes, most of the foreigners are quite taken with you beautiful Chinese women and will try to get you drunk, and so forth... so meet them with a friend. That sends a message that they shouldn't try to get you into bed.


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  • Well it would help with your conversational English yes. As for your practical knowledge of the English language, it seems alright to me. If you can understand/convey concepts like irony in English, it's usually a good sign that you have a grasp of the language

    • Thanks! Actually I do mean the spoken English. I just seldom have the chance to speak English except several well-prepared presentations for study or work. My pronunciation is good but fluency is poor. I think I need a full English enviornment to push myself...

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    • I'm sure they will be! If not, I'll send some of my lady friends to teach them a lesson

    • Hahaha! Thanks That's so nice of you~

  • yeah why not , if you re social

    • Wish I were social but actually I am not...

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