Was Jesus all-powerful and all-knowing? What does the bible say?

Christians and Muslims agree that God is all-powerful and all-knowing.

Was Jesus all-powerful? the bible says "NO!"

The bible clearly shows that Jesus was not all-powerful. Mark tells us in his gospel that Jesus was unable to do any powerful work in his hometown.

"He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them." Mark 6:5

Was Jesus all-knowing? the bible says "NO!"

The bible also reveals that Jesus had limitations in his knowledge. Jesus declared that he himself does not know when the last day will occur, but the Father alone knows that.

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Matthew 24:36

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Bible references clearly showing that Jesus was not the all-powerful, all-knowing God.


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  • Jesus was a human version of God so Jesus knew what was relevant in his context and in his immediate sphere of influence. Some things were kept from him so that he could be a better example of what life is like for ordinary humans who emulate him.

    • "Some things were kept from him"

      who kept things from him?

    • John 12:49 Jesus says that he speaks what he is been commanded
      John 5:30 Jesus says that he can't do anything on his own will

      who commanded him?
      whose will did he seek?

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  • Christians understand the Bible not by their own understanding but in light of the testimony of the Church Fathers and great theologians throughout the ages like Ss. Augustine of Hippo, Basil the Great, Isaac the Syrian, and John Chrysostom among others. If you will not grant this same luxury to Christians with their Bible, then I will not grant it to you with your Qur'an and the testimony of the Hadiths, Sunnah, and commentators throughout the ages that inform the Islamic interpretation.

    • do you believe that Jesus is God?

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    • "Before Abraham, I AM." The prologue to the Gospel of John, the fact that the Pharisees - the de facto experts of Judaism at the time - accused him of making himself God and in fact attempted to stone him for doing so. The testimony of the Church Fathers.

    • I challenged you who believe Jesus claimed divinity to show me a single unequivocal statement in the entire Bible where Jesus (pbuh) himself says, "I am God" or where he says, "worship me"?

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  • There is an "order" in The Trinity that you don't understand... Surprise surprise 😔


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  • he´s the son of god. not god. he, as all the other humans, is at the whim of god. i don´t even understand why "him being the actual son of god" is in any way important for the narrative of the bible xD

  • I was always under the impression Jesus was born and raised a human. I never read the Bible but that was the impression I got. That would not be all-knowing and all-powerful

  • Read the Bible again. From the beginning. God clearly isn't omniscient and things happen that he didn't anticipate. I know, because I am god.

  • I will teach everyone I know

    • 2 Timothy 2:15
      Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

  • A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown

  • yes, bible and he himself said he is God.

    "before Abraham, I AM" and that he can forgive sins.

    • I challenge you and all the Christians who believe Jesus claimed divinity to show me a single unequivocal statement in the entire Bible where Jesus (pbuh) himself says, "I am God" or where he says, "worship me"?

      In fact the Bible contains statements attributed to Jesus (pbuh) in which he preached quite the contrary. The following statements in the Bible are attributed to Jesus Christ (pbuh):

      "My Father is greater than I." The Bible, John 14:28

      This is a clear evident that God is greater than Jesus.

    • somalia and probably muslim. listen i dont care what you think thats the muslims argument that he was man.

      i studied this stuff but its ok. i pass on this headache to come you call challenge lol

    • You don't agree that Jesus was not God even though he never said 'I am god' and the bible says he was not God.

      here is a video explaining your statement "Before Abraham was, I am"

      Please watch it.


  • But his father also had a father and so on. The father is always the real god. When the father of Jesus will parish, Jesus the son will be god

    • But why does it matter if he is not? Jesus is the closet thing to god we ever had. And once the father parishes jesus will take over as the one and only. Then have a child and that child will be like jesus

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    • Islam is not the only religion. Many others exist. Doesn't make islam the right one. It's just a belief

    • who many gods are there according to the bible?

      forget about Islam, here we are talking about Christianity.

      you just said the craziest thing in history

      The father is always the real god.(what will that make Jesus? the fake god)
      Jesus the son will be god (what does that mean? Jesus become God later)

      if you don't know about Christianity please don't talk about it.

      according to the bible there is only one God, and He is God from everlasting to everlasting.

      for more detailed information please refer to my previous Takes "Is Jesus God? The Bible Says, "No!"