What kind of hair and make up to wear with this dress?

What kind of hair and make up to wear with this dress?
For a 1950s rockabilly party, has a white belt also. What do I do with my hair and makeup? Colours etc.


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  • Big curls, red lipstick, blush, and big eyelashes. Not sure what eyeshadow color though. I usually do smoky but I don't know if that'll fit the 50's thing

    • Also if you can try to make your hair really voluminous.

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    • tbh in the picture it looked black to me lol
      hmm. I personally wouldn't do the purple lipstick with it. If you have pink that could work too. Also purple would go with the theme in my opinion unless you tried to do a greaser outfit

      but I'm not an expert lol

    • I think purple maroon would clash more than red.


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  • Go with a 50s updo (kinda hard to say between that and wearing it down since I don't know your face shape) keep it its natural color, makeup? keep it somewhat simple, nothing on the bottom lashline, but either hella mascara or natural falsies on the top, small cat eye if you can and a red lip. Oh and make sure the girls are up there if you know what i mean

    • Family party, not appropriate xD

    • Lml RIGHT!! then letem sag letem sag letem sag. And I forgot to add if the dress is already tight? Loose the belt

    • Nah it's quite big, the belt looks really good with it. I'm just borrowing the dress, my grandmother actually makes and sells them.

  • Cat eyes with black eyeliner. Red lipstick, big curls, and make your blush more noticeable.

  • google 50s hair and makeup

    • I have. I'm not sure what colours to go with.

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    • That's not relevant, it's dress up I want to look the part so I need makeup that will go with a navy blue dress

    • why not navy blue eye shadow and eye liner