I'm getting around everywhere with bare feet while my knee is in a cast, and it gets me so much attention. Does it really look that good?

I can go out and not have to pay for a drink all night but I get so many questions about my plaster cast, my crutches and my bare feet.


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  • People will naturally be curious about a plaster cast and how you got it. If you are young and pretty then guys will use it as a reason to talk to you too.

    I'm not sure about the bare feet though, I mean, if you're not wearing any kind of shoe on the foot then it's likely the sole of your foot is really dirty. That wouldn't be attractive to me, lol.

    • I've never had so many guys just come uo to me and start talking lol, and my bare sole doesn't seem to turn them off, some seem to really like it

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    • Smart girl! ;) I'm going to try it now, see if men buy me drinks!! o. O I am not feeling optimistic, haha!

    • LOL, it works for her (and me) , but I'm not sure if it's the crutches or the bare tootsies

  • It's not the look, it's the attention and pity you get so people will flock to you


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  • It's because they feel bad for you.