What's the best way to corrupt myself?

I want to be numb to life, I want to be emotionless and cold. I don't want emotions, I don't want hate, love or any of that shit. I'm tired of life and committing suicide won't solve anything because my soul still lives and God (the shitty bastard who created me) will judge it.

I'm sick of being good for no reason, I'm sick of the fact that our world still exists.

So what can I do to spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to corrupt myself? Being sinful sounds like too much work, just as much work as being good. How can I force my soul to suicide?


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  • U know, is easier to just help that soul than to corrupt it. U can always talk to a professional, I don't know how it works in ur country. But in my home country, we have good psychologist that don't get of by giving unesesary medications. They actually help


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  • Geez you sound like a 2007 emo kid.


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  • Maybe meditation? And do it periodically. On a daily basis. Might make you emotionless after some time.